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Welcome to Owls Class!



In Owls class we love learning and we always try our best.


Our teacher is Miss Noyce and our TAs are Mrs Brown, Mrs Ali and Miss Farah.


Spring 2 Topic - Wolves


Our new topic for Spring 2 is Wolves. What do you already know about wolves? What stories do you know which feature wolves? Are wolves always the baddie in a story? These are some of the questions and more which will be talking about in the coming half term.


With your parents can you find out some facts about wolves?


Circus Skills Workshop


As part of our Circus topic, Paul from Shooting Stars Circus Skills Company came to teach us some circus skills. We had a fantastic day! Here is a picture of us all enjoying the day. You can learn more about this fun day and find more pictures on the Daily Echo website:





The Festival Of Culture


As we are part of the Aspire Trust throughout this week we have been celebrating 'The Festival of Culture'. In Year 2 we have learnt all about Brazil. 

This is a message that Owl class typed together to sum up our week:


During Festival of Culture week, we have learnt lots of facts and information about Brazil. We have made banners, that say BRAZIL on them. We decorated the letters with gold, silver and red glitter. We did this because the costumes during Carnival are very sparkly and glittery too. The banners also have a drawing of the Amazon River, Amazon Rainforest and lots of the different animals that are found there. We cooked Brigadeiro, which is a sweet Brazilian chocolate treat. Also we learnt the traditional story called Where the night came from. We also made masks for carnival. 


Some of the facts that we learnt this week about Brazil were:

  • The Brazilian Amazon Rainforest gives everyone in the world the oxygen that they need to breath.
  • Brazil is in South America.
  • The Amazon river runs through Brazil and it is the longest river in the world.
  • Brazilians speak Portuguese.


From some excited children in Owls Class (Maytree Infant and Nursery School)


Our Topic (Spring 1)

The Circus


This half term we are learning all about the circus.


To launch our topic we dressed up as clowns.