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Maytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High

Welcome toMaytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school from September 2017:

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mrs Goatley

Deputy Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mrs How


Teacher in charge of Nursery & Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Ms Celeghin

Senior Early Years Practioner:

Mrs Williams

Nursery HLTAs:

Mrs Rossiter (Mon-Wed)

Ms Muse

Ms Rashid

Nursery TAs:

Mrs Hussain

Mrs Soomro (AM)

Mrs Farrukh (PM)


Year Leader/ Seahorses Class Teacher:

Ms Riley

Dolphin’s Class Teachers:

Ms Chapman (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Rust (Thurs-Fri)

Turtles Class Teachers:

Mrs Styles (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs Brennan (Thurs & Fri) SENCO (Tue & Wed)


Mrs Rajput


Ms Leivadiotou

Mrs S Ali

Year 1

Hedgehog’s Class Teacher:

Mrs Sahota  (Mon-Thurs)

Squirrel’s Class Teachers:

Mrs Gear  (Wed pm, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Hedges (Mon, Tues, & Wed)

Rabbit’s Class:

Mrs Day (NQT)


Ms Chalk

Mrs Andrews (Hedgehog class Fri)


Mrs F Ali (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Begum

TA 1-1s:

Mrs Mirza

Mrs M Ali

Year 2

Owl’s Class Teacher:

Ms Noyce

Eagle’s Class Teacher:

Mrs Kicula-Shave

Falcon’s Class Teachers

Ms Ripley (M,T,W)

Mrs Sotamma (TH,F)


Mrs Brown; ELSA pms


Mrs Bishop

Mrs Rahman (Thurs, Fri) TA coach wed

Mrs Kaur (Mon, Tue Wed)

TA 1-1s:

Mrs Potiwal

Mrs Higuera- Amey

Miss Richardson

HLTA Teaching Supports:

Mrs Akhamrich (Tues to Fri)

Mrs Choudhry (Tue, Wed Thurs pm)

Mrs Andrews (Thurs)


School Business Manager:

Mrs Grewal

Finance Officer & Nursery Administration:

Mrs Peczenenko- Domi


SIMS & Attendance Officer:

Mrs Mercier-Saunders


Librarian/Workload Assistant:

Mrs Taak


Lunchtime Team:

Lunchtime Leader:

Mrs Bhakar



Mrs Kaur Potiwal   Miss Kaur     Ms Ali   Mrs H Kaur  Mrs Potiwal       Mrs B Kaur   Mrs Osieja Digwa   Mrs Jirjees Mrs Saleemi


Site Manager:

Mr Cave



Mrs J Kaur        Mrs Tariq                               Mrs Landa       Mrs Collier 

School Mascot

The Maytree School Attendance Mascot School is ‘Edi the Bee’ Every Day’s Important ‘Edi’ is often present at the school gate during Attendance Week and Attendance assemblies.

School Governors

 Mrs D Capes (Chair of Governors)                                                Mrs J Goatley (Headteacher)

Mrs P O’Dell (Co-Opted Governor)                                                 Mrs J England (H& S Governor)

Mrs S Usman (Parent Governor)                                                    Mr S Sood (Parent Governor)

Mr T Kataria (Parent Governor)                                                      Cllr S Kaur (Vice Chair)

Mrs H Brennan (Teacher Governor)