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Be Up and Ready to Roll Breakfast Club

Under the National Schools Breakfast Programme Maytree is proving Classroom breakfast for all children. 


As there are restrictions on movement or mixing of children, classroom breakfast is the best-fit breakfast model for Maytree.


 Benefits of classroom breakfast

• Breakfast is accessible to all children who need it – no barrier, no stigma

• Keeps breakfast in bubbles/classes - no mixing up of children in the breakfast club, children stay with their classmates and the usual staff

• Works brilliantly with a ‘soft start’ and/or ‘staggered start’ – children eat on arrival

• Quickly and easily becomes part of the daily class routine and helps children to settle


How does it work?

• Bagels and cereals are prepared in the kitchen and delivered to the class (or fetched in a staggered way); children can help themselves one at a time, socially distancing as necessary