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Maytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High

Welcome toMaytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High


W.C 06 07.20 Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us!

Well done Azaan.
You understand contractions Lamis.
Thank you Wiktoria.
Nauman remembered lots of things about Maytree.
What lovely memories Azaan!
Wiktoria's memories of Maytree school.

Tuesday Challenge 30.06 about proud moments

Proud moments from Wikoria
All the things Lamis is good at.
Well done for persevering Lamis!
Feeling proud from Azaan

W.C 29.06.20 Thank you for continuing to share your learning Eagles!

Thank you Azaan for sharing your work.
What a lovely poster Lamis
Nauman well done with your sentences.
You are trying hard with your hand writing Omar.
Lovely sentences Wiktoria
Super Maths learning Wiktoria!
Great maths Azaan!
You are going to love the juniors Wiktoria.
Lovely  presentation Wiktoria.

W.C 22.06.20 Keep going with the home learning, we love seeing it!

Fantastic work Maimuna.
Maimuna has worked her socks off!
Wiktoria's character description
Super counting in 2 and 5 Lamis.
Great Maths Maimuna.
Hanif's story
Great job Hanif
... and 5's!
Great counting in 2's...
Fantastic sketching Minahil! ;0)
Super work superstat Wiktoria!
Edy's Maths.
Super work Edy
Lamis does her home learning EVERY day! ;)
Wiktoria does her home learning EVERY day! ;)
Omar has been busy!
Excellent Maths Azaan.

W.C  15.06.20

Thank you to all the children and parents for sharing your learning.

Keep on sharing your work  Nauman.
Thank you  Wiktoria.
Well done Lamis
Thank you Azaan
Maimuna drew a lovely spinner!
Minahil wrote lovely poems about her teachers!
What a great spinner Wiktoria!
Addition and subtraction work by Wiktoria.

We have some super sketchers in Eagles class.

Monday's SPAG challenge. Thank you Eagles for sharing 15.06.20

W.C: 08.06.20 Well done Eagles for continuing with your home learning. We love looking at your work!

Super maths Edy!
Well done Hanif, so proud of you.
Great effort as always Lamis.
Well done Nauman, good to see you're working hard.
Super effort as always Wiktoria
Happy Birthday for last week Edy!
Great language Edy!
Great to see you enjoying science Azaan.
Super Maths Azaan.
Good labels Edy.
Edy enjoyed science this week.
Edy is working hard as always.
Lovely handwriting Lamis.
Lamis has been doing some science learning.
Super Maths Lamis.
Mandeep has drawn diennes to help her. Good job.
Great to see your learning Wiktoria.
W.C: 08.06.20 Well done Eagles for continuing with your home learning. We love looking at your work!

W.C 01.06.20 Thank you to all the children who have shared their learning with us this week!

Well done Wiktoria for sharing your learning!
You have used range of adjectives Lamis.
Thank you Nauman
You have used conjunctions correctly.
Nauman well done for sharing your learning!
Wow Edy you remembered the story
Love the leaves on your family tree Edy
Keep up the good learning Azaan
Lamis is able to name parts of a plant.
Lovely drawing of a flower Lamis!
Thank you Wiktoria for sharing your work.
Wiktoria has grouped range of objects.
Lamis working hard on Maths learning!
Thank you for sharing your learning Maimuna
Well done to responding to the text Maimuna
Maimuna's conjunction work
Thank you Fatimah for sharing your learning!
Nauman's maths challenge, well done!
Wiktoria's Maths challenge, well done.

W.C 18th May: Well done for completing your Home Learning Challenges

Super adjectives Wiktoria.
Wiktoria's trip to the park.
A fantastic stroy Minahil!
Brilliant number facts Wiktoria
Great work Edy.
Neat handwriting Derrick.
Well done Hanif!
Great counting Lamis.
Amazing drawing Minahil.
Derrick is loving his maths challenge today!
Great work Derrick!
Well done Derrick - great story!
Derrick's Family Tree
Lamis' Family Tree
Well done Hanif - great story!
A lovely family tree Wiktoria.
Great concentration Azaan.
A fantastic story Lamis.
Lamis you've worked so hard.
A super Hummingbird Edy.
Great exercise challenge!
Wow Edy! You're so calm....

W.C: 11th May 2020 - Well done for completing your home learning challenges.

Well done to all the Eagles who are using Bug Club to keep up with their reading, especially the children below who have read this week.

Well done Aasia.
Well done Edy.
Well done Kuba.
Well done Omar.

Celebrating VE day on Friday 8th May!

Friday's money challenge

Thank you for sharing your home learning. 04.05.20

What a lovely poster Azaan.
Well done for your thank you poster Lamis!
Thank you for your lovely VE day poster.
Well done for doing the shape challenge!
What a lovely  poster for the NHS  Eduard!
What a great challenge Nauman!
Thank you for a great poster Derrick!
Wow you found lots of different shapes.
Conjunction work by Wiktoria. Well done
Lovely sentences using conjunctions Nauman!

W.C: 27th April 2020 - Well done for sharing your home learning.

Edy has been working his socks off at home!
Thanks Edy! We love this!
Thanks Nauman!
Mandeep this is great and we love the picture!
A lovely ode Lamis, well done.
A super ode Azaan, you're working hard, well done.
Thanks Wiktoria, a fantastic picture!
It's lovely to see Wiktoria working so hard.
It looks just like Mrs Sahota!
Maimuna -  Miss Ripley LOVES this!
Great patterns Lamis.
What a smart idea Lamis.
Great work Edy!
Great Azaan, you looked everywhere for patterns!
Hanif we love your shirt!
Great pattern Nauman
Look what Wiktoria found on her shape hunt!
Lovely patterns Ada, very creative!

Well done to 2 of Eagles who have already done their challenge for today! smiley


Summer 1 

The Great Outdoors


We have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Our Focus has been to create suspense.

Can you read our class text map and retell the story?