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Opendocman Tutorial

1 - Logging in to Opendocman

Opendocman is accessed via the governors page on the website. You will need a user name and password and should obtain those from the system administrator


2 - Adding your relevant company's departments in Opendocman


When the time will come for your organisation to start configuring documentation, you may have different departments/services/areas in your company. Opendocman is able to assist with the management of documents per departments. You will need to set them up in the application to start with. 


To do so, in the "Admin" section, click on Add in the "Department" section. 

Name your department and click Add. You can at any time view all the existing departments ("Display"), modify the name of a department ("Update") and add or delete departments. 


3 - Creating document categories in Opendocman


When configuring a document, the application will ask you to allocate a document type (Category) to it. Categories can be letter, report, analysis, presentation, video, etc. You will have to enter the categories in the application to be able to use them later. 


To do so, in "Admin", click on Add in the "Category" section. Name a new category of document and save. The mechanisms to update, add, delete and display are identical to the ones for Users and Departments. 


4 - Creating users in Opendocman


You can now create new users in Opendocman.


The users will automatically receive an email invitation to access Opendocman. 


Should you wish to add users you can do so by clicking Add in the "Users" section of "Admin". Note that you will be required to allocate a username and password when creating them. 


You are also required to specify whether this user will be reviewers in given departments and if yes, for which departments (Multiple choice possible). This will prompt this user to review documents (If the option is selected by the document uploader) when they are uploaded prior to being validated and configured. 


You are now ready to use Opendocman to configure your documentation. 


5 - Configuring a document in Opendocman


To configure a new document, click on Add document in the application menu. 


The document will have to be assigned to an owner (list extracted from the user data base of your application) and to a department. You will also be required to specify the category of the document. 

You are then required to allocate authorizations related to this document for each departments. Note that you have a convenient option that allows you to allocate the same level of authorization for all departments. 



By clicking on Specific Department Permissions, you will be directed to a help page that describes the meaning of each level of auhtorization. 

You can then (Optional) provide specific access rights to users in the application. This step is optional and by default, the document owner has all accesses. 


Your document is now in the configuration queue. 


6 - Finalizing a document configuration in Opendocman


The document is still not configured. It is uploaded in your application but is awaiting review and confirmation by the document owner. The document owner will have the following message on his home page: 




Clicking on the link will bring him to the document's repository page. This is where the owner can "Authorize" or "Reject" the document. This double validation ensures the integrity of the documents you configure. 


When authorizing or rejecting a document, you will be brought to a page asking you to provide comments/feedback and asking you if you want to alert any department/user about the authorization or rejection. Should you select this option, a mail will be sent including all your comments. 

Note that none of this is compulsory and you can just authorize/reject the document without having to fill in any of those fields or to send any mail. 


Once this step is completed, your document is configured. 


7 - Looking for configured documents in Opendocman


Documents in Opendocman can all be found from the Search section. You can search using all the configuration fields: title, department, author, date created. 

Once you have found the document you are after, this is what will appear on your screen:


You then have two options. You can select View (Red circle) to view the document in your web browser (Pending support of the format by your web browser) or click on the file name to download the document on your computer. 

Note that the "View" field will depend on your level of authorization related to the configured document. You may not be able to either view or download a document if your level of authorization on the document is insufficient. 


Also note that downloading a document is done by the function Check Out. Once a user has checked out a document, this one appears in red in the documents list and the user is prompted to check the document back in (Section Check in) of your application. Once the document is checked back in, it goes back to the approval circuit (Section 6 of this tutorial) to ensure that the document hasn't been compromised. 


This process has been put in place in the application to guarantee the following:


 - All documents "movements" are tracked and recorded. (You can view them in Admin --> Reports --> Access logs) so you know at all times what has happened with your configured documents and comply with ISO 17025.

 - If a document is modified, this systems allow for a tracking of the revisions in the system and proposes to detail the extent of the revisions in a comment box. 

 - Any user is alerted that the document stored in the application is potentially out of date or being updated. 


8 - Where are your configured documents stored?


As part of the service provided by Green Spider, all the documents you configure with Opendocman are securely stored on our servers, in a part totally dedicated to your application and your company. 

This location is secured and can only be accessed by you or any user you grant an access to and only through our Single Sign-on security system.