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Welcome to Owls Class!

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In Owls class we love learning and we always try our best.

Our teacher is Miss Noyce and our TA is Mrs Brown.

Spring 2 - Summer 1 

The Great Outdoors


We have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Our Focus has been to create suspense.

Can you read our class text map and retell the story?


Can you write your own version of this story?

Remember our boxing up. Use this to help you make up your own version of the story.


Generic Plot Structure

The Text

Bare Bones - Use this to help you plan and write your own version

Questions to ask your child about the story


Introduce the main character and all is well

Once upon a time there was a small girl called Little Red. She lived in a cottage.  One day, Little Red’s mother gave her a basket full of chocolate chip cookies. She told her to give it to her granny in the woods, but not to talk to any wolves on the way!

MC is introduced and somebody in their family tells them to take some food to another member of the family.

They are warned not to talk to somebody.

Who is the main character in our story? How do you know?

Why might she have to take the cookies to her granny?

Where does her granny live?

Build up

A monster appears and causes problems

Little Red walked into the deep, dark wood, when the sun started to disappear. Unfortunately, it grew darker and darker and Little Red shivered.  At that moment she heard something stomping down the path, but she didn’t know what it was. What was it? It was a wolf!


The wolf asked where Little Red was going. Little Red was silent, but then she forgot the rules. Don’t talk to wolves! She told the wolf she was going to see her granny.


Without warning, the wolf raced to granny’s cottage and knocked on the door.  Granny let him in, when she heard the knock.  In a flash, the wolf leapt into the house and shut Little Red’s granny in the wardrobe.


MC goes to a scary place and things start to make her scared.


Bad character is revealed.


Bad character talks to MC to find out where they are going.


Bad character runs ahead to the family member’s house and locks the family member away.

Is this a happy setting? How do you know?

How is LRRH feeling? How do you know?

Who was stomping down the path? Does LRRH know straight away? How do you know?


Which word tells you that something is going to go wrong?

What were the rules? Why did she forget the rules?


Why did the wolf race to granny’s house?

Why did granny let the wolf in? Did she know it was the wolf? Who might she of thought it was?

What did the wolf do with granny?


The monster is difficult to defeat

Soon there was another knock at the door. It was Little Red! “Come in,” snarled the wolf as softly as he could.

“Oh Granny, what big ears you have.” said Little Red.

“All the better to hear you with.” said the wolf.

“Oh Granny, what big teeth you have.” said Little Red

“All the better to eat you with.” In one bound the wolf tried to gobble up Little Red.

MC arrived at the house.


Bad character tricks the MC into thinking they are the family member.


Bad character tried to eat MC.

Who knocked on the door? Why did it say the wolf snarled? Why did he do it softly? Was LRRH talking to granny? Why does she say, ‘Granny what big ears you have?’? What does it mean by gobble her up? If he tried to gobble her up  in one bound, what does one bound tell you?



MC(s) defeat the monster

Luckily, at that moment, the woodcutter dashed into the cottage and tied the wolf up with rope! He had followed the wolf through the forest. Fortunately, Granny and Little Red were safe.

MC is saved by a woodcutter.


MC and family member are safe.

Which word tells you that something good is going to happen?  Which word tells you that the woodcutter ran? Why did he run? How did he defeat the wolf? Why were granny and LRRH safe?


All is well again.

(MC(s) get a reward)

Never again did Little Red talk to a wolf and they all lived happily ever after.

MC never talks to bad character ever again and MC lives happily ever after.

How did LRRH make sure that this never happened again?


Remember to build suspense in your build up.


To build suspense use our toolkit that we created in class: