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Welcome toMaytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High


Welcome to Owls Class!

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In Owls class we love learning and we always try our best.

Our teacher is Miss Noyce and our TA is Mrs Brown.

Have you been on Bug Club this week? Remember you have to complete all quizzes on a book for it to show that you have completed the book. Look at who has been on Bug Club and all the books they have read...

Mohid has read 14 books and completed 106 quiz
Abdullah has read 4 books and completed 31 quizzes
Hitika has read 2 books and completed 18 quizzes
Hunain has read 1 book and completed 14 quizzes
Jaiveer has read 3 books and completed 14 quizzes
Kiran has read 3 books and completed 17 quizzes
Liya has read 6 books and completed 48 quizzes
Zahraa has read 1 book and completed 23 quizzes

Mohid is Owls Class Star Reader this week!

Mohid has read 14 books and completed 106 quizzes

Owls Class Supports the NHS!

Work we have produced to show our support for the NHS workers

In September, many of us we will be going to Year 3 at Mount Pleasant Junior School. Here is some of the learning we have completed to get us ready for this transition...

Summer Term Home Learning

The Great Outdoors

We have been reading the story of Pippety Skycap. Here is some of the work that we have completed so far, about this story...

As our Daily Challenge on Tuesday 2nd June we went on a plant hunt...

As one of our home learning challenges we were asked to re-write the story we had learnt in school

Sahar's Story
Alex's Story
Jaiveer's Story
Abdullah's Story
Waaiz's Story
Dharshini's Story Part 1
Dharshini's Story Part 2
Dharshini's Story Part 3
Dharshini's Story Part 4
Hitika's Story
Liya's Text Map
Liya's Story 1
Liya's Story 2

When we were at school we were learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Our Focus was to create suspense.

Can you read our class text map and retell the story?


Remember to build suspense.


To build suspense use our toolkit that we created in class:

To celebrate migratory bird day on 9th May, we were set the challenge to retrieve some of our old learning around Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds


Want to try something new for lunch today? Why don't you try making one of these recipes that Owls Class produced for their Monday 11th May Daily Challenge...

Zuzanna's Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Waaiz's Egg and Lettuce Sandwich
Zahraa's Egg Sandwich
Alex's Club Sandwich
Hitika's Cheese Sandwich part 1
Hitika's Cheese Sandwich part 2
That looks scrummy Hitika!
Dharshini's Cheese Sandwich
Abdullah's Egg Sandwich
Jaiveer's Grilled Cheese Sandwich
YUM! That looks delicious Jaiveer!
Liya's Sandwich

Owl Class have been keeping active during lock down

Purple Mash Challenges

Owls class celebrated 75 years since VE Day on 8th May 

Look at our great posters we created to put in our windows to celebrate!