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Welcome to Owls Class!

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In Owls class we love learning and we always try our best.

Our teachers are Miss Noyce and Miss Cotter

Our TAs  are Mrs Brown and Mrs Okuns

Home Learning Spring 1


Sadly, because of Covid-19 we can not be in school for this half term. Therefore we have been completing home learning with the support of our teachers via zoom and loom and adults at home.


We have started our new maths topic all about multiplication. We have been learning about counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also started to learn about equal groups and non-equal groups with our teacher via zoom.

Take a look at some of our learning below:

Maths - WB 01.02

This week in maths we have been learning about arrays and writing multiplication number sentences.  Arrays are an efficient way to count equal groups.  See below for some examples of the wonderful learning we have been doing this week, using arrays.


We have been learning about winter poems in English. Our teachers have been teaching us via loom and setting exciting work for us to complete. Look below to see some of the fantastic work we have completed at home.

English - WB 01.02

This week in English, we have been learning lots of new facts about hummingbirds.  We used these facts to make a plan for an information text and then wrote that information text.  Look below if you want to find out lots of information about hummingbirds!


In Topic we have been learning all about cold weather. This will help us with our writing in English. Look below to see some of the great home learning we have completed so far:

Topic - WB 01.02

This week we retrieved our knowledge of sketching techniques and used them to draw a hummingbird.  We then labelled the features of a hummingbird and annotated our drawing with facts about hummingbirds.  We also learnt about the life-cycle of a chick.  See below for some beautiful drawings of hummingbirds.

This is some of the learning that we completed in the first 2 weeks of lockdown

We have completed a lot of good work this week.  Look below to see examples of all the wonderful learning we have been doing!

Autumn Term 2020


Hello from Owls Class!

This term we have been learning about our local area (Southampton). Our first term in Year 2 has been full of rich learning opportunities. From writing about the River Itchen to creating our own 3D model of the Bargate. Take a look below to see some of this fantastic learning and how we have progressed throughout this term.


Animal Classification


At the start of our work about the River Itchen we learnt about animal classification. We classfied different animals that  can be found on the River Itchen and wrote sentences about them.


River Itchen Information Texts


We learnt lots about the River Itchen and the animals and plants that live on the river. We learnt about how to write an information text and wrote information about what we had learnt about the river. We did this because Southampton City Council had told us that lots of people had been requesting information about the river after walking along it.

Story Writing


This term we were learning about how to write an opening and ending for a story. 

We learnt the story of Bahir Bear when he lost the Saints Football.

Through this story we learnt about the different landmarks around Southampton. We also learnt about how to open and end a story. We created a toolkit which will help us throughout the rest of the year.

We then created our own stories using Bahir Bear as a good model.


Bargate Models


This term we have been learning about the history of Southampton and how it has changed over the last 100 years.  The Bargate is one of the structures that we learnt about.  We created models of the Bargate to learn about its features and study how it has changed during this time.  Look below to see some of the great models Owls Class created.