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It is our aim that pupils will develop a deep love of reading and, with this in mind, we work with children as soon as they come into our Nursery to instil respect and love for books. We teach them to discriminate the sounds they hear so they are ready in Reception to begin to learn the sounds of the English language. We use the phonic schemes Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics to teach children how to decode the written word efficiently using phonic knowledge. We place great importance on the teaching of early phonics which is taught from Reception and continues until the end of Year 2. Children who need additional support to help with their reading and writing are given focused intervention work, in small groups.


We believe parental support is vital at all stages of a child’s education and will help parents to support their children by providing parent workshops and meetings. Children take ‘Home Share’ books matched to their reading level and we ask that parents read with their children for a short time every day. We also ask parents to make sure their children see them read on a regular basis to motivate and encourage children to be natural and spontaneous readers.


Maytree School uses a range of reading schemes, such as Book Banding and Oxford Reading Tree.  This means children have access to a variety of reading books, many of which are sorted into coloured book band levels which are matched both to children’s age expectations and their technical and comprehension abilities. This helps children and parents see how well their child’s reading is progressing. We encourage children to read ‘real’ books alongside book bands and by the time children are confident readers in Year Two, real books by popular authors are used predominantly.


In addition to this, each class has a set of books we call our ‘reading spine’ following the 'Talk for Reading' principles.  These are made up of popular high quality texts which are read on a regular basis at designated reading times during the day. These carefully chosen books support children’s knowledge and understanding of how texts work, extends their vocabulary and exposes them to stories which they may be unable to access independently. Our school library is also open daily and each classroom also has a book corner which is stocked with a variety of books to enthuse and inspire the children and instil a love of reading into all our pupils which we hope will last a lifetime.


For further information, please see the Phonics and Reading Policy below


Fun Phonics at Maytree School 2017

Fun Phonics video made by Maytree School.