Welcome Back to School -School will open at 8.45 am for all year groups and School will close at 3.00 pm for all year groups - Please see Learning button below and in Parents tab, Letters for translation. - Weekly Saliva Testing will continue and if you need new labels please call 08081962282
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How to log into and use Bug Club ~ English

How to log on and open an observation ~ English

How to upload an observation ~ English

Opening School 8th March 2021

In partnership with the Department for Education, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Saliva Testing Programme is carrying out a user survey. They would like to ask participants about their experience of saliva testing. The findings of the survey will be used to improve the service, as well as to inform local and national policy on asymptomatic testing methods.

Click to participate in the survey and submit your responses by 12 July 2021. It is expected that the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete, but there is no time limit. All responses will be stored securely and are completely confidential.

If you are a parent, guardian or carer, you may be supporting someone else to complete this survey. Please make sure that all responses to the questions are based on the perspective of the person who has participated in saliva testing. Please note that some of the demographic questions are focused on special educational needs. If these do not apply, select the ‘not applicable’ option.

This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and contribute to government policy. Thank you for taking the time to provide your invaluable feedback.

Providing Remote Education information to parents Jan 2021

Joint Privacy Notice

Data Protection Impact Assessment

  Department for Education

Translation of guidance for parents and carers on early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term

We have translated our guidance for parents and carers with children in nursery, school, or college in the autumn term.

The guidance is now available in the following languages: