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Charging & Remissions


The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution of providing a wide range of activities to enrich and extend pupils’ learning and to contribute to their personal development. Maytree aim to promote and provide such experiences for the pupils of the schools, both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum and as additional optional activities. The governors believe that all pupils are entitled to equal participation in school life and that social background and affluence should not be a barrier to this.
A) During School Hours
The DfE in its guidance to school governors states that "education provided during school hours must be free." It goes on to advise that although schools cannot charge for school time activities, they may still invite parents and others to make voluntary contributions. The essential point is that no pupil may be left out of a curriculum based activity because his or her parents/carers cannot or will not make a contribution of any kind.
B) Outside School Hours
Parents/carers can only be charged for activities that happen outside school hours when these activities are not a necessary part of the national curriculum or religious education.
The Education Reform Act 1988 described activities which can be charged for as "optional extras". It is up to the LA or Governing Body providing the activities to decide whether to make a charge. The definition of ‘outside school hours’ is given in the DfE guidance ‘Charging for School Activities’ (October 2014)
Voluntary Contributions
The school may ask parents or carers for voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school or towards activities. For example, contributions towards school fund, fund raising and costs associated with school trips and visits.
School Trips and Visits
When organising school visits which enrich the curriculum and educational experience of the children, the school will write to parents asking them to contribute towards the cost. If a visit cannot take place without some help from parents or carers, this will be explained at the planning stage.
No pupil will be left out because a voluntary contribution has not been received. Children in receipt of the pupil premium grant will not be asked to pay towards a visit. However if there are insufficient contributions, the school may be left with no choice but to cancel the visit. Parents or carers who have contributed would then receive a refund, less any expense that has already been committed. If a child is unable to take part in any visit or activity through illness, then a refund would be issued, less any expenses that have already been committed.
If a trip goes ahead, it may include children whose parents have not paid any contribution. We do not treat these children differently from any others.
The school will always seek to achieve “best value principles” for the all the activities in school. All staff are conscious of rising costs of education and family budgets and will always try to attempt to keep costs to a minimum.
Governors have agreed to subsidise trips at their discretion.
School Meals
Year R, 1 and 2 will receive Universal Free School meals and no charge will be made.
If a home-loan book is lost or badly damaged, we ask for a voluntary contribution of £3 -£3.50 towards its replacement. Wilful damage by children to small items of school equipment is sometimes followed by a requirement that the child pay for its replacement.
As a school we ask parents to wear an agreed list of school uniform. We do not expect all school uniform to be bought from school and we do accept that some parents might wish to purchase plain green jumpers. The processes for purchasing school uniform from a range of companies follows the school “Best Value “systems.
Fundraising Events/ Non school uniform days
When the school holds a fundraising event for charity or other agree aim the beneficiary will be agreed in advance. Non school uniform day and other dressing up activities to raise money are all voluntary. All donations are voluntary and children will not be prevented from joining in even if their parents have not made a donation.
Out of School Activities
From time to time activities may be offered to parents or children for whom we need to make a charge. Participation will depend upon payment.
Optional Extras -Out of hour’s activities and clubs are classed as Optional Extra’s.
Breakfast & Activity and Homework Club (No charge is made for these clubs at the present time)
Paying for Information - Where parents request copies of information under the Freedom of Information Act, the Governors can make a charge at their discretion for providing copies of information.
The school makes use of the standard Local Authority charging policy for Lettings.
Making Payments
All payments should be made promptly, by cash or cheque. All cheques should be made payable to Southampton City Council.
School Uniform – Payment should be made on receipt of the uniform items.
After School Football Saints Club – Payment should be made on enrolment.
All payments are recorded and receipts are available on request.
Arrears owed to the school (i.e. where a charge is made, this does not apply to voluntary
Contributions) will be chased by the school
Parents are welcome to discuss any difficulties they may have with any requests for contributions with the Headteacher. We will not allow problems to prevent a child's participation in school outings or events
Remissions Policy
Those parents in receipt of one or more of the credits below may be offered assistance in paying for the trip or a longer period of instalments will be made available to enable their child to access the activity.
• Income Support
• income-based Jobseekers Allowance
• income-related Employment and Support Allowance
• support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
• the guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
• Child Tax Credit, provided that Working Tax Credit is not also received and the family’s income (assessed HM Revenue & Customs) does not exceed the sum given in the guidance.
• Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
• Universal Credit
In addition, children eligible for the Pupil Premium payment may receive tuition, after school clubs or the trips at reduced or no costs. This is at the discretion of the Headteacher.




Policy reviewed annually

Review Date: Autumn 2020