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Maytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High

Welcome toMaytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High

School Values

        Maytree Nursery and infant School


                       G15 Vision and Mission Statement






Maytree’s Vision – Caring, Sharing, Aiming High



Our vision is  for our children to have all the advantages of receiving care from those around them.  This care will support the development of their self-esteem helping them make good decisions for themselves throughout their lives.  They will build positive relationships, respecting themselves as well as others around them.


Our vision is for our parents to share experiences of learning with their children. Together, we will share in the work of supporting our children, laying firm foundations and all enjoying the benefits of strong relationships between school and home.


Our vision is  for our children to always aim high in life, motivated to aspire and learn, emerging as independent, happy young people, confident to strive to fulfil their personal potential.


Our  Mission is to ensure staff, children and their families

  • Feel included and valued, contributing to  a true school community and working with mutual respect. 
  • Enjoy and value learning.
  • Strive together  to achieve and feel pride in  their achievements.
  • Have high expectations of the School and themselves, developing their future potential.
  • Children are given opportunities to build understanding and competence in skills and knowledge, together with positive feelings of identity, self-esteem, and confidence.


Quality and Equality for all children

 The school and nursery are committed to providing a high quality education and care for all its children, whatever linguistic, cultural, cognitive, physical, social or emotional factors may affect their receptivity to the curriculum.  Our policies make opportunity equal for all children. 


The Early Years: solid foundations for the future

We believe that a child's learning in the years 0-7 underlies all later learning and development, and will very much affect the child's later educational and life chances.  We lay firm foundations so that our children emerge as happy, confident young people who enjoy learning and who strive to fulfil their personal potential.  


Competence and confidence

Our work with children aims to build a love of learning, as well as understanding and competence in skills and knowledge.  Children will be enabled to develop positive feelings of identity, self-esteem, and confidence.  This aims to build them into competent and confident citizens of the future within their community.


Value for Money

Governors will ensure school budgets are used effectively and efficiently to support provision for the children’s learning and education.  


Parental Involvement

We are proud of the strong relationships we have with parents and families and work to develop the school as a caring, sharing community, aiming high for everyone