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Maytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High

Welcome toMaytree Nursery andInfants' SchoolCaring, Sharing, Aiming High


Welcome to Maytree Nursery

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Welcome to Nursery



In Nursery we have 3 Key Groups;


Bees - Mrs Potiwal    

Ladybirds - Mrs Rajput

Spiders- Miss Muse/Mrs Tariq


Our Nursery Teacher is Mrs Williams



         Mrs Williams              Mrs Potiwal               Mrs Rajput                Miss Muse                 Mrs Tariq


'Hello' from Mrs Williams

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Early Years Foundation Stage


Our aim is to build firm foundations for the future and prepare children for a fulfilling and rewarding school life. This supports our ethos of ‘Caring, Sharing, Aiming High’.


Throughout the year we will teach a variety of skills through the children's interests and a ranges of themes, including:

  • Amazing Me
  • Traditional Tales
  • Out in the Garden


How you can help your child to learn


As parents you are the most important educator as you are the expert on your child. What you do at home is so vital to your child's learning and you are doing it all the time without even knowing it when you talk and play together.

Below are some suggestions of some of the things that you can do with your child to help them learn and grow. 



  • Role play is an activity that you and your child can do together. For example, you can, act out a story you have read together, have a tea party with dolls and teddy bears.
  • Spend 5 minutes every day looking and reading books
  • Sing songs and rhymes
  • Visit parks and local areas, did you know your child needs to climb and swing to develop the skills for writing? 
  • Spend time without the TV on to eliminate background noise to help develop good speech and encourage listening skills
  • Allow your child time to explore and experiment with their toys commenting on what they are doing.
  • Talk through problems such as turn taking to help develop problem solving skills and independence.