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School Closure Home Learning:

Week Commencing 6.4.20

Making a Map

Can you use paper or other resources to create your own road map for your toys. What features will your map have? (A pond, a bridge, a car park, a tree, some flowers etc.) Using your sounds to label the different features on your map. When finished share a photo on Tapestry. We cannot wait to see your maps! 
Have fun!!


Repeating Patterns

Using different objects, can you create your own repeating pattern?

Can you create a pattern using natural objects that you find in your garden or when you go outside for exercise; e.g. stick, leaf, stick, leaf, stick... or leaf, stick, stone, leaf, stick, stone...

Can you create a pattern using different actions e.g. clap, jump, clap, jump, clap... or clap, clap, spin, clap, clap, spin...?

Can you create a pattern with colours? Maybe you could draw or paint a pattern.

Can you create a pattern using objects or toys from around your home? (car, brick, car, brick, car... or spoon, orange, orange, spoon, orange, orange...)

Don’t forget to upload your patterns onto Tapestry, we would love to see them!!


Throwing and Catching

Find a ball at home (use screwed up paper if you don’t have one 😊), practice throwing and catching with your ball. How many times can you throw and catch your ball without dropping it? Can you throw, clap and catch your ball without dropping it? Play a game of throw and catch with your Mum/Dad/brother/sister. How many time can you throw it to each other without dropping it?

Further challenge: Stick words or numbers onto the wall or floor. Throw a ball at the words or numbers. What word or number did you hit? Encourage your child to read the word or tell you the number.

Please share any photos/videos on Tapestry, we love to see them!


Treasure Hunt

We would like you to go on a treasure hunt around your home.
Can you find these items?
A toy with wheels
Something with 3 different colours on
A piece of fruit
Something that makes a noise
Something soft
Something you can read
A cuddly toy
Something with numbers on

Can you draw and label some of the items you have found?

We would love to see and hear what you have found on your treasure hunt, please share comments, photos or videos on Tapestry.

Happy Hunting!


Week Commencing 30.3.20

Comparing Height

Can you build towers at home using building blocks. Which is the ‘tallest’ tower? Which is the ‘shortest’ tower? How many bricks have you used in your tallest/shortest tower? How many bricks did you use altogether?

Encourage your child to use the words ‘short’, ‘tall’, ‘tallest’, ‘shortest’, ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’ when describing their towers.


Shadow Drawing

While the sun is still shining, place some toys on some paper and draw around the shadow it makes.

Share your pictures on Tapestry, we would love to see them! Have fun!


Colour Mixing

If you have some paints at home, try some colour mixing before creating a painting. What colours can you make? Share a photo on Tapestry. We would love to see your colours and paintings.

Week Commencing 23.3.20

Farm Map

In Year R we have been learning about farm animals. Can you draw a picture of your own farm? Use your sounds to label the animals. Use your sounds to write a simple sentence about your farm (e.g. ‘A pink pig.’, ‘A red hen.’, ‘A big cow.’ ‘The duck is in the pond.’).

When finished, upload your farm pictures onto Tapestry. We would love to see them!


Making 10

In Year R we have been learning about ways of making 10. Can you use objects from around your home to make 10? E.g. ‘5 forks and 5 spoons makes 10’ or ‘6 cars and 4 bricks makes 10’. Can you record your workings by drawing the objects and writing the numbers.

Share your photos on Tapestry. We would love to see them!


Washing Line

Tie up a piece of string in your home to make a ‘washing line’. Give your child a pile of socks and encourage them to sort the socks and peg them in pairs onto the ‘washing line’. How many socks are on the washing line? How many pairs of socks have you found?

Share your photos on Tapestry. We would love to see them!

Early Years Foundation Stage
A child’s first year of statutory schooling is Reception Year. Children will follow the Early Years curriculum and at Maytree we use the children’s interests to lead this by learning through play.
We provide a wide range of learning experiences for children which caters for the needs of all. Broad topic areas include:
• Me and my school.
• Everything Changes
• Let's Explore


We work to support the development of the whole child, so personal and social development is as important as learning to write. This supports our ethos of ‘Caring, Sharing, Aiming High’.