School Holiday will start from the 21st December 2020 to 1st January 2021- The children return to School on Monday 4th January 2021- email if you have any questions - If you have changed your address or mobile number please email or call the school.
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Year 2

Explaining the Corona Virus to children


The BBC have just released this video which explains the Corona Virus in simple terms to children, you may want to watch it with your children.


Keep well, keep safe.

In order to access Bug Club please follow the instructions below:



You will find your child's username and password on a small sticker in their CGP Maths book.

Key Stage One


Year Two is a very important year in your child’s development. It is when your child will learn many skills needed for moving up into the Junior School.


As part of our integrated curriculum we cover a wide range of topics. We aim to identify projects which engage the children so that learning is made fun and relevant. We work towards every child leaving Year Two as being independent and reflective in their learning and motivated to meet their full potential.


Throughout the year we encourage the children to become more independent in their learning, which helps to set them up for Year Two. The Year Two team includes people from varied cultures and backgrounds. We work well together to support all of the children’s needs.