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Year 2

Year 2 Assemblies Every Friday at 11.30am


Every week on a Friday at 11.30am Year 2 are having a Year group assembly. In this assembly we will be connecting with each other as a year group. All children and adults working in the year group will be involved, whether they be working at home or school. It will be a time for us to connect, read stories and celebrate our learning successes from the week.



Learner Of The Week - Spring 2 Week 1


Well done everyone, teachers have seen a real improvement in the number of children accessing Tapestry and sending back pictures of their home learning. Remember to continue to do this! Keep up the fantastic work laugh

Learner of the week in Falcons is .... Arnav. Firstly he joined our class during lockdown which must have been really tricky but he always has a smile on his face and is ready to learn. He has been joining in with the zooms and sending me his home learning which he is trying his best at. Well done Arnav, keep up the great work!

Learner of the week in Eagles is.... Rabia - she has been really engaged in the zooms and uses good mathematical language to explain her thinking. She has also been working hard on her handwriting and has been enthusiastic about her topic learning.

Learner of the week in Owls class is...Areeka - Everyday Areeka attends the maths zooms and she always takes part. She also has started sending pictures of her maths learning back to her teachers so that we can give her feedback to become an even better learner. Keep up the great work Areeka!

Learner of the week from Eagles bubble this week is...Ana, she has joined the bubble with such a positive attitude and has been very enthusiastic with all of her learning this week.


Learner of the week from Owls bubble this week is....Puneet. She is more confident and  joins in with answering questions. Along with this she  has also tried hard with the Maths this week.

Learners of the Week - Spring Term week 6


Eagles Class 


The Eagles class home learner of the week is Faisal!

He is always engaged in the Zoom Maths lessons, by showing his work and putting up his hand.  He has consistently sent in lots of learning to Miss Garvey and is trying really hard with his learning.

Well done Faisal, keep up the hard work!

Falcons Class 


The Falcons class home learner of the week is Jessica!

She has been sending Miss Haigh work everyday since the beginning of term which has been of a brilliant quality. She continues to challenge herself by answering extra questions and challenges that Miss Haigh gives her. This week she sent some lovely videos of herself talking about polar bears and hummingbirds which were full of information and very confidently spoken.

Well done Jessica, you are a super star! 



Owls Class

The Owls class learner of the week is Salman!

He has been an absolute superstar at sending in his work this week.  He is trying really hard with his learning and it is really wonderful to see. He regularly reads books on Bug Club and he is also one of the first to put up his hand in our class Maths Zooms. 

Well done Salman, keep up the great work!

Eagles Bubble

The Eagles bubble learner of the week is Ruby!

Ruby has a wonderful attitude in class and she always tries really hard with her learning.  She engages in class discussions by asking lots of great questions and is always ready to put her hand up to answer questions too.

Keep up the wonderful work, Ruby!


Owls Bubble

The Owls bubble learner of the week is Gabi!

Gabi is always very polite and well-behaved.  He has been working really hard in class this week. His maths work in particular has been brilliant!

Well done Gabi, what a superstar!

Learners of the week - Spring Term week 5


Eagles Class 


The Eagles class home learner of the week is Kashan!

He's continued to persevere with his learning and has been working hard on his mathematical explanations and problem solving.

Well done Kashan, keep up the hard work!





Falcons Class

The Falcons class learner of the week this week is Isra!

Isra has been working really hard at home, sending me lots of learning and responding to feedback too by answering the extra questions and challenges I ask when I mark her work. She also is always trying her hardest in our maths zooms too.

Well done Isra and keep up the great work!





Owls Class

The Owls class learner of the week is Anabella!

She has been a superstar about sending in her home learning and she is working really hard with it.  She is always putting up her hand and contributing in our Maths Zoom lessons and is very focused and hard working. Well done Anabella, keep up the great work!




Eagles Bubble

The Eagles bubble learner of the week is Baseer!

Baseer came back to school this week and has show such an excellent attitude in class. He is ready to learn and comes in everyday with a smile on his face. Well done Baseer, keep up the great work!


Owls Bubble

The Owls bubble learner of the week is Evija!

Evija has been doing some fantastic work this week, taking her time and putting lots of detail in her hummingbird drawing. She has also shown excellent behaviour and perseverance with her learning. 

Well done Evija, what a superstar!


Learners of the Week Spring 1 Week 4


Owls Class

This week Owl's learner of the week is Hooria! She uploads pictures of her work on Tapestry every day. She has done a fantastic job with the maths this week and is becoming a lot more confident when talking about equal groups.  She always listens to my help and the amount of work she sends in and the quality is improving every day.



Falcons Class

Zain is Falcons learner of the week this week! He is working really hard at home, sending Miss Haigh learning everyday and really persevering with his work. In our class maths zooms he is very engaged and eager to take part, always putting his hand up and trying his best. Well done Zain!



Eagles Class


This week Rumaisa is Eagle's Class learner of the week! She has been using expanded noun phrases in both her topic and her English work this week and wrote a beautiful poem. She also responds to feedback from Miss Garvey and Miss Conde to make her work even better.




In School Eagles Bubble


This week Sara Noor has been persevering with her Maths learning. She always tries her best to improve and sets a good example to the rest of the class. Well done Sara!


In School Owls Bubble


This week Nor has been working extremely hard in the bubble. He has started to blend his sounds to read words and is trying his best in everything he does. What a super star you are Nor!


From Falcons - Amelia. She has been working really hard at home and has sent work every day. These expanded noun phrases were fab and helped her teacher imagine exactly what she was talking about. She has been doing lots of reading at home too and sent a video of herself reading, 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' which was beautifully read.

From Eagles - Sarrinah. She has worked really hard this week and sent work through to her teacher every day. She also sent a video of her reciting the winter poem and a lovely clear voice and did some great work on adjectives.

From Owls - Omar. He has worked extremely hard over the last couple of weeks. Every day he has attended the zoom meetings and he has consistently sent work in for his teacher to mark and give feedback on.

In school in Owls Bubble - Gabriela.  She has done some great learning this week and has always come in with a smile on her face and is willing to try new things.


In school in Eagles Bubble - Eesa. He has returned to school with such a good attitude and has tried really hard at everything.

Explaining the Corona Virus to children


The BBC have just released this video which explains the Corona Virus in simple terms to children, you may want to watch it with your children.


Keep well, keep safe.

In order to access Bug Club please follow the instructions below:



You will find your child's username and password on a small sticker in their CGP Maths book.

Key Stage One


Year Two is a very important year in your child’s development. It is when your child will learn many skills needed for moving up into the Junior School.


As part of our integrated curriculum we cover a wide range of topics. We aim to identify projects which engage the children so that learning is made fun and relevant. We work towards every child leaving Year Two as being independent and reflective in their learning and motivated to meet their full potential.


Throughout the year we encourage the children to become more independent in their learning, which helps to set them up for Year Two. The Year Two team includes people from varied cultures and backgrounds. We work well together to support all of the children’s needs.