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Welcome to the Friends of Maytree Nursery & Infants School section of our website.


"FOMs" Friend’s of Maytree Primary School's Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


We are made up of a fantastic group of parents, senior staff members, school office staff, site staff, parent governors and supported by local businesses.


Maytree is a community school which exists for the community. We love our school and want to support it in any way we can. We do this through meeting together and fundraising so throughout the school year you can look forward to school fairs, cake sales, coffee mornings and other sponsored events. We also have regular coach outings for the whole family during the year – we have been to London, The New Forest and Bournemouth Beach.


Our committee is always approachable around the school and in the playground so look out for us if you have any queries, questions or suggestions. Or please just come and join us at our regular FOMs meetings held in the school hall- we’d love more parents and carers to get involved. We talk about matters parents have requested – we always want to hear your point of view.


See us at school or email us at to find out how you can get involved!


Maytree N& I School, Derby Road, Southampton, SO14 0DY Email: Telephone: 023 8063 0522



Nazia Kousar                                                                                                                                                       



“My name is Nazia Kousar, as FOMs chairperson if there are any ideas that you wish to share about the school or whether you have a concern please come and talk to me. FOMs acts as a voice of Maytree parents”


My name is Afrah Samad, I have 2 children at Maytree Nursery & Infants School. I have been a member of FOMs for the past 6 years. FOM’s gives the opportunity for parents to present their suggestions and ideas for improvements to the school. During this time we have addressed many different issues raised by parents on education and other aspects of the schools facilities.”


“My name is Romana Syed, I joined FOMs just recently when my daughter started nursery. I am very happy & pleased to see how much I am involved in the management of the school and trying to communicate with parents and satisfy most of their enquiries. I love that we are all involved in activities at school and decisions about trips and fairs.”





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