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Letters for translation


22nd March 2022


Dear School Community


We have today been informed that the HIOW Saliva Testing programme will be ending on 1 st April 2022. This is disappointing news as we were originally told that the programme would be continuing until at least June. However, the government have taken the decision to withdraw funding for the programme. This means that the final day that the lab will be able to collect and process results is Thursday 31st March 2022.


On behalf of everybody involved with the programme, we would like to thank you for your involvement over the last 18 months. Regular saliva testing has been an important part of our COVID-19 safety measures and has provided re-assurance to our school communities during very challenging times.


The very high levels of participation that were achieved by the four schools in the Aspire Community Trust during the pilot phase in the Autumn Term of 2020 made it possible for the programme to be expanded. With COVID-19 cases again rising, please continue to submit saliva samples as usual until March 31st and follow your school's control measures.


Best wishes Mark Bagust

School Improvement Officer for the Aspire Community Trust